Foto: Jonas Andersson Pukeberg 2017

Truly Sweden’s best kept secret. Johanna is the epitome of a true musician. Her music, carefully crafted, honest and real, will hit you in the heart.
— Ny Oh Naomi Ludlow Blue Monday The Boogaloo London 2017

Once upon a time

Johanna is born in the north of Sweden, Kramfors. Several years ago when she returned with her sister to be part of Cisternfestivalen 2009, she found an abandoned chapel by the river Ångermanälven. This was one of her first performances together with her sister.


Watching her play is taking a journey, there are highs, lows, laughs, tears and ultimately the warmest of feelings. 
— Ny Oh Naomi Ludlow Blue Monday The Boogaloo London

Johanna Wedin-Duda, aka Black pudding poetry, is an independent singer-songwriter you might find in intimate festivals and venues, subways and living rooms, restoring places and buildings. She usually performs alone, but whenever possible she collaborates with the dancer Ulrika Wedin and other musicians. Johanna has written songs since an early age and has both studied and been teaching music. Her almost obsessive relationship with her instruments has always been the very foundation of her life and songwriting. Lately the indian harmonium has been used to add a new color and vibe to her sound. Her lyrics are often accompanied by a comforting darkness.

This time might be the last time, but this time is my time.
— Most nights Johanna Wedin-Duda

After many years of bumpy roads she started sharing her own music live. Her interest in what's not possible to repeat, unpredictable audience and things you say or sing just once, is perhaps part of why her album has not yet been released. In the future studio recordings will be made, but how far future is from right now is still hard to tell. Those who follow Johanna will truly be rewarded for their patience. Until then, listen to Off the record - Lo-fi Sessions written, recorded and performed by Johanna with support from her cat. You can also enjoy the videos you'll find here and elsewhere. But perhaps most important of all, find a live consert.

Her honesty through song is raw and so needed in these times that we live in. Thank you Johanna for blessing the Blue Monday stage with your heart and artistry.
— MIRI Blue Monday The Boogaloo London

Foto: Kirsty McLean Bar Wotever London 

Jag dras till det otröstliga och vaggar det med min musik. I det djupaste allvar föds det största skrattet.
— Johanna Wedin-Duda

Smålandsbaserade singer-songwriter Johanna Wedin-Duda, aka Black pudding poetry, har sedan barnsben en intensiv kärleksrelation till sina instrument och gnolar sig fram för att vagga, vyssa och vältra sig i känslor. Johannas texter rör sig mellan tröstlös tragedi, svart humor och villkorslös kärlek och mellansnacket levereras lika enkelt, skyddslöst och innerligt som hennes musik.

Johanna var 9 år och hade fiolen och etyder i ena handen, stråken och folkmusiken i andra när discolåten ”Knock on wood” med Amii Stewart exploderade i fötterna 1979. Samtidigt scendebuterade hon med psalmen ”Blott en dag” för sina klasskamrater på roliga timmen. Kanske märks redan här att Johanna rör sig mellan flera genrer, uttryck och musikaliska samarbeten.  Hennes musik kan bl.a. höras i amerikansk skräckpod, rysk dokumentär, sydkoreansk och feministisk kampanjvideo samt i andra kreativa projekt utanför Sverige.

Jag applåderar i takt med dina hjärtklappningar, du ska veta att du är önskad här i världen.
— Johanna Wedin-Duda