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Black pudding poetry

Jag dras till det otröstliga och vaggar det med min musik.
I det djupaste allvar föds det största skrattet.
Johanna Wedin-Duda

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Foto: Jonas Andersson 2019


Johanna Wedin-Duda, aka Black pudding poetry, is an independent singer-songwriter you might find in intimate festivals and venues, subways and living rooms, restoring places and buildings. She usually performs alone, but whenever possible she collaborates with the dancer Ulrika Wedin and other musicians.

Truly Sweden’s best kept secret. Johanna is the epitome of a true musician. Her music, carefully crafted, honest and real, will hit you in the heart. [...] Watching her play is taking a journey, there are highs, lows, laughs, tears and ultimately the warmest of feelings. - Ny Oh Naomi Ludlow Blue Monday
The Boogaloo London 2017 


"Hi Johanna! I was on the crowd that night and I just wanted to tell you that you were AMAZING! I really felt your songs deep in my heart they were so emotional and full of feelings, which is incredible. I hope you sing in London again 💕💕"


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27 Juli 2019 SjöÖset Trots spelvilan klev jag glatt ur hängmattan. Det sägs att SjöÖset kanske är Sveriges mysigaste festival och jag fick vara med och fira deras 10-års kalas och begravning! Tog med gitarr, indiskt harmonium, elektrifierat klaviatur, shaker och en present. Tusen tack till publiken, “presenten” och han som bar på allt! www.sjooset.se 

9 Juni 2018 Stockholm The sweetest audience and the sweetest owner of Larrys Corner made me feel at home. My amazing sister Ulrika and the briliant drummer Andreas Axelsson were beautiful as always. And luckely my precious Jonas managed to catch some moments without falling on his head...

Photo 6-7 Kirsty McLean Bar Wotever London

Nov 13th Blue Monday at The Boogaloo London
Nov 14th Bar Wotever at Vauxhall Tavern London

9 September 2017 Kraftstationen Pukeberg med trummisen Andreas Axelsson. En del platser är mer älskade än andra och ibland stämmer allting med ett ostämt piano. Foto Jonas Andersson.

The powerstation in Pukeberg, Sweden, with the drummer Andreas Axelsson. Some places are more loved than others and sometimes being out of tune is being in perfect harmony. #pianooutoftune #pianolove #thehackers #sitting #blackpuddingpoetry 

Det kom en önskan vi så gärna vill uppfylla.
Återvänder under konst runt till den gamla och älskade Kraftstationen i Pukeberg den 9 september. Mer info kommer även om vi lär bli nästan lika överraskade som du.

Once again "Open rehearsal" at the old powerstation Pukeberg during the art event Konst Runt, 9 september. More info will come even if we will be almost as surprised as you will be.

9/9 Kl 16:00 The Hackers / SITTING


Going back to beautiful places, discovering a new one.
Galleri & Café Båthuset Öland
OAS.kalmar Instagram

Foto: Jonas Andersson

2016 September 
Open rehearsal @ Kraftstationen Pukeberg Småland. The Hackers med trummisen Andreas Axelsson. 




Johanna @ Free Music Archive
Here you'll find a very fast version of "Me & my guitar"



From intimate festivals and venues to subways, living rooms and restoring places and buildings.

To know when and where is not always possible but sometimes you'll find live concerts here or at facebook



Foto: Jonas Andersson 2016